“Life is about co-creating with your Divine Self and watching the magic that unfolds.”  

DreamLiving's mission is to guide you to build a nourishing, luscious and empowered foundation.  We want you to gain the tools so you can live the life of your dreams!

Karynne Boese is a Life Coach who focuses on Soul connection with a Metaphysical perspective. She is known for her exceptional work with clients at Passages Treatment Center, in Malibu, where she has guided people through their addictions to live an Empowered Recovery and Life.  As a Certified Life Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation, Karynne has supported hundreds of clients in transformational work.  She is a graduate of Byron Katie's 9-Day School and created the opportunity to experience a Vipassana 10-day silent meditation.  She is a regular contributor to Better Self online magazine as well as various other yogic, spiritual, and metaphysical publications.

At the heart of Karynne’s practice is the principle that YOU are the creator of your own reality.  With this foundation, Karynne supports her clients to step into their own greatness and empowerment, and actualize their dreams. A deep spiritual seeker, Karynne has a unique perspective of her own healing and transformative process.  When Karynne first came to California, she was introduced to Agape, the world-renowned trans-denomination church led by Reverend Michael Beckwith (The Secret), where she began her commitment to her spiritual journey.  Rev. Michael was the first of many powerful mentors including Jeanine Mancusi (her life coach) of Lucid Living, Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction), Lazaris, Eckhart Tolle and Don Miguel Ruiz (Four Agreements, Toltec teachings). Drawing on the wisdom of these master teachers, Karynne developed a transformative process that she uses in her teachings/coaching.  

What guided Karynne to the field of Coaching was observing how people decided they had no choice in life and felt overwhelmed at the thought of making the kind of changes that would create a life worth raving about. She found most people were leading their lives as if they were trying to prove their value or worth, unaware they were even doing so. They were aware, however, of their disconnect:  they had been focusing on making money, or buying that “thing” they so knew would bring them comfort or joy, instead of seeking that joy within. We all do it.  And we can all change it.
Karynne believes, living from our authentic Self, we are infinitely powerful.  This is the gift of life coaching. Karynne’s training from The Coaches Training Institute, and her official certification as a Life Coach, gave her the tools necessary to take people on this mystical journey.


"I want to thank someone who sees and hears me unconditionally…someone with whom I have enjoyed co-creating and partnering on my own journey as a Life Coach…someone who sees all of me and holds the space to do so in a nurturing way.  I want to thank Jeanine Mancusi, my personal Life Coach, for knowing that I have everything in me, sharing with me her knowledge and walking with me as I step into and live in my greatness." ~ Karynne