Karynne leads lively, insightful and powerful 60-90-minute groups on metaphysical living, metaphysical recovery, law of attraction, stages of awakening and much more.



Golden Bridge Workshop Mission Statement: Collectively we come together in community to awaken consciously by chanting, meditating, and breathing. Through creative visualizations, we begin to access an inner knowing which anchors in and reminds us of our personal truth. We can inspire ourselves to live the life of our dreams; one that is delicious to share with our family and friends, and ultimately contributes to the world!

Karynne’s workshops are experiential, deeply insightful, and a fun blend of learning that fuses mind, body and spirit.  Not only will you be learning and engaging in conversation about metaphysical living, recovery, and the law of attraction, but each workshop offers the opportunity to participate in partner exercises, visualizations, and small group activities.  These workshops can be tailored for any and every community.


Monday, March 5th, 7:30-9:30pm
Letting the Love in
Cost: $30/adv or $35/day of

Many of us have forgotten the very powerful principle, that we are Loved, just for who we are. Often we try to prove it, seek it, earn it, and even perform for it. I want to remind you that you are loved. Deeply. There is no separation. The only thing that is real is Love. Everything else is a reaction.
And when we remember to create from the knowing that we are Loved, we rise above detail and circumstance, and our life has a flow that is Divine.

Join us in the workshop Letting the Love in, as you allow yourself to:
• release and heal the blocks that keep you from remembering you are loved
• lift and heal the shame that keeps you small and disconnected from your authentic self
• swim in the waters of love
• create a path that can feel spacious, honoring, joyous and free

We will chant, dive into deep meditation, and journey magically through creative visualizations. Each participant will receive an energetic healing, which will bring balance + harmony that move both body and spirit as transformation occurs effortlessly. As we end the evening, we’ll seal in the love in a powerful healing circle.

Please bring a pen, journal and something comfy to sit on. Please bring any items you want to be charged or healed, i.e. crystal, stone, jewelry or photos for our healing circle.

Karynne Boese, CPCC, is a Certified Co-Active Coach. She specializes in metaphysics, consciously creating your own reality, spirituality and healing. Karynne uses her laser-focused intuition to coach you into living the life of your Dreams. Known as a “Spiritual Intuit,” she is able to access your innermost hopes and desires with insight and compassion and guide you to create an incredible life.

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DreamLiving Retreats are 5-7 day adventures to exotic and beautiful locales such as Costa Rica, Kauai and Italy. These retreats are a wonderful opportunity to be completely immersed in the DreamLiving experience of deep insight, healing and knowing in lush and spiritually nourishing environments.   The picture above is from the Sorrel River Ranch Retreat in Fall 2009!  Join me next year at this magical destination.


Karynne is available for booking. Her live presentations are fun, experiential and deeply powerful. Topics Include:

  • The Stages of Awakening
  •  The Law of Attraction
  • How to Live the Life You Really Want
  • Passion, Passion, Passion – What is Yours?
  • Spiritually Connecting Through Knowing One’s Self