Welcome to the Metaphysical Recovery Group!


In a loving group setting, you will participate in a telephone dialogue facilitated by me, once a month for an hour.  This is the first Tele-group of its kind for those who want to look at their recovery through the lens of Personal Empowerment

In this next series you will learn principles, tools and techniques, through various metaphysical teachings, to deepen your co-creative powers and live from your heart's desires.

Topics include:

  • How to Live an Empowered Life

  • Passion Passion and more Passion

  • Learning to Trust Again

  • Busting Limiting Beliefs

  • Visioning 

Here at DreamLiving we define addiction as a disconnection from your authentic self- putting anything (or anyone) before yourself- which can manifest in a multitude of forms. We are inviting anyone who is interested in looking at their addiction from an Empowered place to join us for this inspiring, uplifting and loving Metaphysical ride.

The Vision for the group is to be lovingly reminded how we can Create and Craft our Life with ease, inspiration and fun!

Our next group will meet on the second Wednesday,  at 12:00 PST (Be sure to check your local time zone!)  Cost is $35 per month. Please RSVP by emailing us to receive the important information.