Karynne's Past Workshops

Karynne’s workshops are experiential, deeply insightful, and a fun blend of learning that fuses mind, body and spirit.  Not only will you be learning and engaging in conversation about metaphysical living, recovery, and the law of attraction, but each workshop offers the opportunity to participate in partner exercises, grounding, meditation, movement, visualizations, healing circles, and small group activities.  These workshops can be tailored for any and every community.

To date, all of these workshops have been held once every 2-3 months at Golden Bridge Yoga of Hollywood, California- a 'spiritual village' that celebrates mind & body through Yoga, spiritual workshops, and organic and energetically infused products and foods. 

Here are a sampling of some of the past themes addressed in Karynne's successful workshops. For more information on any past or upcoming workshops, email Karynne!

Awaken Your Luminous Spirit, Continued  8.2.11

These are days filled with shifts and movement. Often these movements lift us to higher wavelengths and, though good for us, sometimes we feel as though we cannot calibrate. With a lack of personal equilibrium, we can make the mistake of finding fault or deficiency in ourselves. As you release your grip of that which does not serve you, your light becomes brighter and in contrast, the darkness darker - flexing itself to seem more daunting. When we consciously feed our future, this creates a bridge over the details of life so we can create from the more real, and meet ourselves at our new height, which is Love.

Join us as we allow our Luminous Spirit to:

    • let go of that which does not serve you 
    • receive and stand in your luminous light  
    • tap into and create from the freedom within 
    • swim in the waters of Divine Love

Awaken Your Luminous Spirit   5.9.11

Inside you, your Luminous Spirit desires to access to your deepest and richest:

    • curiosity 
    • boundless energy 
    • fresh and new experiences 
    • productivity freedom and independence

 If we deny our unhealed self we often feel panic or terror. We can feel as if we don’t belong and seek approval and acceptance from the world at large. Now more than ever we want to know our own inner truth and create a harmonious life from that inner knowing.

Cracking your Heart Open: Part 1   2.22.11

Do you ever wonder...

    • Why you suddenly feel isolated or alone? Connected, then unconnected? or forget you are loved & supported? 
    • Why your manifestations aren’t manifesting?
    • Why your life flows like a river, then slows to a drizzle?

Come join us as we crack open your heart  Allow yourself to feel your spirit in ways that will move you beyond imagination. We will be lifting your energy and expanding your resonance so you can become more of who you want to be.

Awakening Your Spirit, continues 12.7.2010

Are you feeling confused, a little stuck, knowing that there’s an easier, more creative, juicier way to live? Do you want to create a nourishing, luscious and empowered life? Yet you do not know how to access it consistently? Do you want to merge into the quiet, hear your Spirit and follow your own lead?

There is a lot of chaos occurring right now – at once, we are letting go of that which does not serve us, while simultaneously letting in more of that which does serve us. Let yourself journey within and have a life shifting experience! Using meditation, visualization, movement, and healing, we will access your Spirit. Join us and be awakened by gaining an inner-spective and see what’s ready to emerge for you! Imagine what YOUR LIFE would be like if you created it from your Spirit!

Awakening Yourself to Your True Spirit 8.5.2010

Are you feeling Lost, knowing something wants to emerge yet can’t access it? Do you want to build a nourishing, luscious and empowered life? Do you want the tools to live your dreams and craft a life worth raving about?

Everyone has a gift that wants to emerge. And with that gift comes the best life you can imagine. If you allow the shift, the gift that wants to come does so – naturally and easily and life begins to flow.

Karynne, The Gift-Revealer, uses her laser-focused intuition to reveal what your true spirit is craving and coach you into living the life of your Dreams! She is able to access your inner- most hopes and dreams with insight and compassion and guide you create an incredible life by guiding you beyond your own obstacles...

Living an Empowered Life and Recovery 4.30.2008

Do you feel powerless over your Addiction*?  Are you ready to live an Empowered Recovery?  Create and craft your life with ease, inspiration and fun!  In a loving group setting, through guided exercises and visualizations, you will learn to look at your addiction through the lens of your higher self, so you can:

    • Live an empowered life filled with choice, passion, and adventure.
    • Live with your full range of emotions, rather than feeling powerless as though your addiction   decides how you live.
    • Come away feeling aware and empowered, and gain a loving attitude towards yourself, your addiction, and the world.

Join Karynne for this enlightening and inspirational afternoon to learn principles, tools and techniques, through various metaphysical teachings, to deepen your co-creative powers and live from your heart's desires.  *Addiction, as defined by Dream Living Center, is a disconnection from your authentic self- putting anything (or anyone) before yourself- which can manifest in a multitude of forms.