After working with Karynne and having her introduce me to my Gift, I find I am more clear when I talk about my work in the world and I have a delicious sense of the challenge of what I am up to and confidence that I will achieve my mission/vision. Anxiety has been largely replaced by excitement, anticipation, and trust. The impact on my work is that I am more present and bring more fun and joy to it, which only makes more people want to work with me. - Keri Lehmann Master Life Coach

Karynne is an amazingly intuitive and loving coach. I had been conducting a job search that was productive on one level, but had generated few tangible results. She powerfully guided me to discover a new way to be in the world of work that truly reflects my essence and breaks long-standing patterns. I felt she looked deep into my soul and saw the truth of me that was longing to be revealed. I am grateful to her for inspiring me and inviting me to change.
Oh, and by the way, within 48 hours of my session with Karynne, I landed a lucrative contract position and received two invitations to interview for fulltime jobs. Coincidence? I think not. - Jeff Nigh  IT Compliance and Risk Management professional

Before my session with Karynne, despite the fact that I have a wonderful new book coming out soon, I felt like hiding myself away from the world. Now I feel expansive, magical, and blessed; free to share my uniqueness and my gifts, to live my life bravely and to the fullest, and to promote my book with joy! I owe her more than I can say. -Tess Whitehurst Author of Magical Housekeeping

Karynne's ability to tune-in to people's gifts is amazing. Once she saw something in me that I didn't see myself, she helped me articulate the challenge and name the 'gift' in a way that I can easily access it and step into it more authentically and easily.  Life is less struggle now. I so appreciate that!! Thanks a million Karynne!! Keep doing this wonderful work and help more people feel more like themselves on the path they were meant to be on. - Sally Krauss, Director of ARTconnectsLA

My one session with Karynne felt like a quantum leap in my spiritual journey. I sensed I was in very safe and sacred hands and she got right to the heart of the matter - my heart. Without having any external clues, she quickly pinpointed the Gift that wanted to be revealed from the deepest part of me. She then guided me in how to co-creatively engage with this learning and I have tapped into it daily since our session. I have a greater, fundamental, and joyous understanding of who I am, at my essence, from my time shared with Karynne. - Lisa Williams, writer

It is with great pleasure to share my experience with Karynne Boese of Dream Living. I had a session with her last week and she was candid and to the point, her clarity and professionalism were appreciated. She was able to pin point my strengths and weak points and discuss ways to invest my time to create benifits in a streamline and organic way.  I would recommend her to any professional looking to move to the next level. - Dana Elise, Director Laser Solutions Skincare

After having a session with Karynne I more fully claimed my Gift. I was aware of it to some degree before, but she brought it to a new level. I now find, that I am using it in all aspects of my life and have much more clarity not only about my gift but in all areas of who I am. It has truly expanded my understanding of how full out I can play in life!- Kirk Nielsen Entrepreneur

Karynne is a gifted and compassionate coach. She uses her high-frequency intuition to guide you to a deeper connection with your core self. For me, Karynne's coaching helped me expand my view of my own gifts and how I bring them into the world. Working with Karynne is both a spiritual experience and a forward-propelling one - she knows how to clear the obstacles that keep you running in place. I highly recommend that you bring Karynne's coaching into your life!- Martha Carnahan Coach and Consultant at BrilliantVisions, LLC

Seriously, Karynne is INCREDIBLE! We had a session on Monday, she revealed my gift and by Friday I had a book deal! No kidding! Before my work with Karynne, I was considering giving it all up. I was stuck until she opened me to the infinite possibilities that exist in my life! Thanks Karynne! - Lindey L, North Hollywood, CA

How can I even begin to explain the miraculous impact this woman has had on my life? Karynne is beyond gifted at sensing exactly what to say and how to say it in order to help me rewire my own thought processes IMMEDIATELY in ways that liberate me from past fears and insecurities, allowing me to be more joyful and more successful in every area of life. You know Ganesh, Hindu deity dubbed the "swift remover of all obstacles" ? That's Karynne in a nutshell. And it's remarkably convenient - all it takes is a 30 minute phone conversation with Karynne and I'm more than ready to take on this beautiful adventure called life.

 I can safely say that the Gift-Revealing session has been a life-altering experience in a very positive way. As we went through the session, I could feel intuitively that she wasn't telling me anything new or false, but was reminding my soul of what it already knew. She didn't spend a lot of time on the "woo-woo" stuff that always hits a raw nerve with me but instead she got right to the heart of the matter. Her insight and compassion were uplifting, but more than that, I felt that she was so excited for me, for the life I can create with this new knowledge!  Shortly after the session, I went to teach a yoga class. I only had two students in the class and started to feel a bit badly about it, but then remembered to teach from my gift… as soon as I made that mental shift, 5 more students walked through the door! Since then I’ve created an entire workshop based around my gift that I’ve taught in Los Angeles and New York!  Karynne has very a very real, very rare talent to get straight to the point, illuminate that which is and is not working in your life and help you create a plan to life fully and happily. I can't recommend this experience highly enough! - Brooke L., whimsyvalentine.com

Change is simple. I made it complicated. Karynne with her wonderful humor and insight showed me how to focus on my gift.
It took about two months to really believe that this idea would work. Slowly I found that I changed my focus. Obstacles are seen not as negatives but a way to make me create a positive approach. I smile alot throughout the day. I work in my garden and smile. I laugh with my dogs and cats... and we play.  My clients can hear the smile in my voice. My work is less stressful even though I am very busy. (and blessed to by busy).  My choices are very clear and my thoughts succinct. I do that which brings me joy.
Change so simple yet so very powerful- Thank you.  -  Marlene Hunau-Herman, New Act Travel


Allowing myself to build a coaching relationship with Karynne has been one of the biggest acts of self-love I have ever done. Karynne has helped me dive into things that have truly changed the way I live my life, view myself, and TREAT myself. It is the absolute most rewarding and fulfilling coach, mentor, therapist –whatever you want to call it- relationship/ partnership I have ever had. Nothing has been off limits and nothing has gone unchanged- for the better. Karynne is the best! -Allison "Fannius" Lurie - Entertainer 

"Working with Karynne over the last year has increased my sense of well being in ways I could never have imagined.  I feel our work together has allowed me to achieve extraordinary success in areas of my life I had previously experienced frustration, disappointment, great sadness and despair.  She continues to inspire me toward finding, connecting with, and experiencing joy, love, and a real passion for living my life.  Karynne is a powerful catalyst for dynamic change and transformation." -Amy Polinksy Entrepreneur

"Karynne has helped guide me through this Spiritual journey, where I have found in myself a new way of life.  She has shown me how to use my own energy to recreate agreements in myself in order to continue to live and become the woman I have always wanted to be." -Danielle Worthington Real Estate Developer

"My experience with Karynne has been one of the most rewarding, inspiring, spiritual and positive relationships I have ever had.  Her guidance has allowed and taught me to accomplish things I never thought I could accomplish, especially in such a short time frame.  I have learned to approach challenges with a more positive attitude and I am happier than I have ever been.  Thank you Karynne!" -Dennis Connelly Business Visionary and Developer

"Karynne has been my guide, opening the door inside to Infinite possibility. I was unsure at first about committing to her for a period of time and at her rates.  But that commitment changed my life.  Not only have I in turn become more financially abundant through Karynne's coaching, I have been able to co-create a life I have always dreamed!  That, as the famous MasterCard tagline says, is priceless.  Through her compassionate coaching, strength, and wisdom, I have been able to re-connect to my soul’s purpose to better serve ME, which in effect serves the greater of the world." -James Brandon Williams  Actor/Producer

"Karynne has shown me the love and light I have Inside of me. She is profound in what she does in her own peaceful, loving, and playful way. Her guidance has truly enlightened me as I find my truth in becoming my Authentic Self. I am so excited about what lies ahead…'as it’s perfectly unfolding!'” -Janette Gorney Vice President Signature B

"The scope of the healing and empowerment I received from Karynne's coaching is vast.  She helped me to release long-standing blocks while guiding me to create new, more useful patterns.  This set in motion a snowball of miraculous healing and personal power!  Her compassionate presence and loving wisdom allowed me to dissolve old shadows of fear in the healing light of awareness and understanding.  Coaching is her calling; her abilities are a divine gift.  I have experienced so much joy and harmony in my life and relationships since working with Karynne, and the results continue to deepen and grow.  Words cannot possibly express how grateful I am for this remarkable woman, and for the beautiful life she has inspired me to create!" -Tess Whitehurst Feng Shui Consultant

"Karynne's care and commitment to her work is a revelation. She is always calm, responsive, and kind: always ready to listen, she combines real wisdom with great common sense and humor.  She has a unique lightness of touch, and a profound understanding of how to look at life with hope and love...she is a lamp in the darkness, and a trusted companion on this journey.  She is truly a gift to those of us who want help in healing our mind, body and spirit." -Elizabeth Duchess of Buccleuch

"When working with Karynne I feel I am no longer alone with my life's dreams. She has walked along side of me, seeing what I was blind to and showing me how to open my eyes to life's possibilities. I am becoming all I dreamed possible and more." -Lori Yanez  Clinical Outreach Coordinator

Karynne Boese has not only been a wonderful inspiration in my life, but a valued guide and coach in much of my life's growth. Her powerful wisdom combined with her quiet compassion gives her an innate ability to hone directly into your blocks and help you easily move them out of your life to truly create the life of your dreams. I highly recommend Karynne to anyone who is ready to bring something they've always dreamed about wanting into their physical reality. - James B., Hollywood, CA

Dearest Karynne,

When I met you, I was instantly amazed by you!  You have an intense energy about you that radiates love, warmth, humor, joy, compassion, wisdom and understanding.  You seemed to have the wisdom of an “old soul,” mixed with the curious, wondrous delight of a small child. After working with you as my life coach, you have helped me to see that true, unfailing lasting joy can only come from wisdom – but the internal wisdom of Self. 

You have been there for me always since we began the journey of co-creative expansiveness – not just during our coaching sessions – but all the time.  What I mean is whenever I want to reach for your advice, humor, wisdom, joy, beauty, counsel, and all the other things you bring to a coaching session, I feel as though you are constantly holding a space in your heart for me to do just that. My traditional therapist has been helpful in many ways, however she concentrates more on “what’s wrong with me and how to fix it,” whereas you seem to not want to “fix” me at all!  Put simply, it feels as though you are trying to help me “find” me, rather than “fix” me.  Rather than the traditional therapy mindset of working on the problems, you have encouraged me to work with my strengths and to embrace the whole of me – warts and all.  That has been so freeing! I feel as though our work together has been, well... working together! 

You have been a life raft for me; an assurance that you’ll always be there (physically or spiritually) in case of any stormy seas. But, the best part is:  you’ve taught me that I am my own life raft!  Through your intuitive questions, you helped me to see all the answers are within me.  You have reacquainted me with myself.  Thank you for letting me explore all that I want to be and can be.   

In Loving Gratitude,

Terra Underwood, D.D. Director of Allied Energy Group

"There are few words available that can truly express the depth of my gratitude to Karynne for her amazing coaching sessions.  She is extremely intuitive and always seems to know just what I need when I need it.  I have been able to move forward in my life in ways I had only dreamed of before working with her.  Karynne's guidance has made all the difference."  -Linda Kay, Marketing Director